Majority of Taiwanese Don’t Trust Food Safety

FDA Director Chiang Yu-mei (姜郁美)

A poll conducted by the Legislative Yuan’s welfare committee following the recent food safety incidents found that 82% of Taiwan residents are not confident in food safety measures and 70% don’t trust the authenticity of inspection reports, Apple Daily reported. 35.7% of those surveyed said that the government should bear the most responsibility for failing to properly inspect food products.

According to the survey 40% of respondents said they still purchase cups of tea from shops that have been named in the pesticide-tainted tea investigations. 86% of those surveyed are in favor of labeling the take-away cups and want the labels to include information on calories, sugar, sodium, additives, origin, and inspection certification.

Chiang Yu-mei  (姜郁美), director of the Food and Drug Administration, said that it is difficult to accurately label contents of single cups of take-away tea, especially for calories, and that there is voluntary labeling.

The take-away tea industry in Taiwan is valued at over NT$10 billion per year. Tests of tea across Taiwan have found pesticide residue in multiple brands, including Stornoway and Ten Ren. While Taiwan seeks to rectify the recent domestic food scandals, it is set to implement new labeling on foods imported from Japan over concerns of radiation from the regions surrounding the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

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