No. 1 Reactor at Maanshan Nuclear Plant Shut Down as Precaution

maanshan nuclear plant
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, via Wikimedia Commons

The number 1 reactor at Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant in Hengchun, Pingtung County, was shut down this morning at 6:24 as a leak was discovered in the reactor coolant pump, UDN reported. Taipower reassured the public that there was no radiation leak or security issue and that the shutdown was a normal operational safety procedure.

Taipower immediately notified the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) and local governments to keep them abreast of the situation. The company will conduct maintenance work on the reactor coolant pump and the AEC will review the issue and follow-up work.

During the shutdown process, the power plant will release water vapor that will not affect the environment, and the public should not be alarmed to see water vapor clouds emitted, Taipower said.

Maanshan Nuclear Power Plant is Taiwan’s third nuclear power plant and second-largest in generation capacity. It was commissioned in 1984 and can generate 15 TWh of electricity per year.

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