Keelung Tap Water Turns Yellow, Water Company Says It’s Safe

tap water
Photo by Ángelo González via Wikimedia Commons

More than 30,000 households in Zhongshan and Anle Districts in Keelung today found that their tap water had turned yellow and tasted astringent and sticky, leaving residents wondering if it was safe to drink, UDN reported.

The water company said that it added too much gelling agent to the water treatment process, causing the yellow, oily tap water. The company, however, said that the water was still safe to drink and meets quality standards. It added that it would rectify the problem and assess possible compensation for consumers.

DPP Zhongshan District city council member Shih Shih-ming (施世明) said that residents should run the faucets for a while before using the water to ensure it returns to normal. Because of the excess use of water, Shih said that the water company should compensate residents for the excess water usage.

Shih also asked the water company to provide a full account to the public on the matter to ensure that the water is now safe to drink.

The water company said that while it had added too much of the gelling agent, the current water supply is normal. After residents discharge the yellow water, the taps should return to normal.

If Keelung residents believe there may be a problem with their residential tap water, they can contact the water company toll-free at 1910.

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