Keelung Records 7th Case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

keelung fire department
Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

It’s only 40 days into the new year and Keelung has already recorded its seventh carbon monoxide poisoning case. The seven incidents have resulted in one death and 20 people being treated at hospitals, UDN reported.

The most recent incident on Friday night sent six people to the hospital. The incident was reported at 7 pm in Zhongzheng District and the victims were identified as three adults and three children.

The Keelung Fire Department said in most cases the water heaters had poor ventilation. In the most recent case, the fire department found that the water heater had been improperly installed.

With the cold weather this winter, there is greater potential for carbon monoxide poisoning incidents as residents keep doors and windows closed. Residents are reminded to maintain adequate ventilation, particularly around water heaters and gas stoves. The fire department said that water heaters installed indoors or on enclosed balconies should be inspected and have exhaust pipes to ensure there is no danger to residents.

The fire department also advises that if residents feel dizzy or nauseous at home, they should open a window and seek medical attention as it may be an indication of a gas leak.

While carbon monoxide detectors are available in Taiwan, they are not widely used. It is advised that residents use carbon monoxide detectors to avoid incidents.

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