Kaohsiung Reaches Agreement to Renovate Station

kaohsiung Station
Design for the new station. Courtesy of Kaohsiung Land Administration Bureau

The Kaohsiung City Government and the Railway Reconstruction Bureau reached an agreement to redevelop the city’s main bus and railway station, UDN reported. The new station is designed to showcase the culture and architecture of the city and be the new “Heart of Kaohsiung.” It will connect trains, the metro, and local and intercity buses.

The new station will incorporate ecological design with open spaces for travelers. It will be set on an axis to accommodate transportation in all directions rather than just north-south. Mecanoo, the design firm for the new station, says, “With its organic, curvilinear shape and landscaped canopy, the station reaches out to the city in a powerful gesture, and represents Kaohsiung’s vision for the future as a sustainable city.”

While the original station, which opened in 1941, has attracted tourists with its colonial Japanese-style architecture, the new structure is expected to be more popular. The main station building will be relocated to its original location to showcase the historic structure. Design plans have been on display at the exhibition hall in the station, and some visitors have commented on the aesthetics of the new station. The exhibition hall attracted about 2,000 monthly visitors.

Work on the new station is set to begin on January 18.

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