Kaohsiung to Offer Bus Transfers at Train Stations

kaohsiung bus transfers
Photo by 捷利 via Wikimedia Commons

In an effort to provide greater public transportation options, the Kaohsiung City Government will begin offering free one-way transfers to buses starting October 1.

The transfers will be valid for two hours after passing through the train station gates. Previously, the fare to transfer to the city buses was NT$12 (US$0.39). The city Transportation Bureau already offers free bus-to-bus transfers within two hours as well as free rides for those taking three or more buses in a day.

The new underground commuter railway system in Kaohsiung will connect seven stations by 2024 through a 9.75 kilometer (6 mile) railway tunnel. The system will provide greater access to the MRT, buses, and public bicycles. Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo has designed the new transportation hub, which will improve traffic flow.

The southern Taiwanese city has also added 20 Main Line bus routes, extending service to Zihguan, Nanzih, Cijin, Siaogang, and Linyuan districts. The Transportation Bureau plans to add additional bus service after the “undergroundization” of the railway is completed.

The Kaohsiung bus system offers other discounts to riders, including flexible seven-day student ticket that provides students with unlimited MRT, bus, and light rail rides for NT$333. The Transportation Bureau is also giving out prizes, including a trip to Universal Studios Japan, to lucky bus riders who also follow their Facebook page and register. The giveaway runs until December 1.

Additionally, the Kaohsiung Ferry will extend discounted fares until January 2020 for Gushan-Cijin, Cianjhen-Jhongjhou, and KW2-Cijin. The full fare has been reduced by 25% to NT$30, with promotional e-tickets discounted to NT$20.

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