Get Your Japanese Curry Fix at 品咖哩 in Zhonghe


For those who have grown weary of the Japanese curry chains in Taipei, particularly those with lines of customers every evening, it may be time to head to Zhonghe District in New Taipei to enjoy freshly-made Japanese-style curry at a reasonable price in a quiet atmosphere.

Down an alley off Yian Road south of 823 Memorial Park (No. 4 Park), is 品咖哩 (Pǐn gālí), a small no-frills restaurant that opened in late spring 2017.

pin gali

The restaurant offers a bare minimum of choices to make ordering easier. There are also two sets that customers can choose that include a drink and either an appetizer or a cold side dish. The sets are only NT$50 and NT$60 more, saving customers only a few dollars.

Diners can choose from chicken, beef, pork, or the signature 品咖哩, which range in price from NT$99 for 品咖哩 to NT$159 for beef curry. The restaurant has a variety of appetizers to choose from, including vegetarian options. All curry dishes come with half an egg, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. For anyone who doesn’t find the curry spicy enough, there is Tabasco available.curry

Set B with curry chicken, which comes with a soda and an appetizer, is NT$179.

The cold eggplant appetizer is a mix of sweet and spicy with a little bit of tomato, making it taste like a mild eggplant salsa.

Eggplant salad

The small space is ideal for a quiet lunch or dinner, with tables set up for couples (though they can be pushed together for additional dining companions). There’s also a bar at the window for single diners.

Pin Gali is closed between lunch and dinner. It is open 11:30-14:00 and 17:30-21:00.

No. 12, Alley 24, Lane 262, Zhonghe Rd. (map)

Phone: (02)8923-0398

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