Italian Restaurant Turns into Gambling Parlor After Hours

Photo by Logan Ingalls via Wikimedia Commons

An Italian restaurant that has been open for more than 20 years on Section 2 Keelung Rd. in Da’an District (though unnamed in the report) was found to be running illegal gambling after hours, UDN reported.

When the restaurant was supposedly closed, the 51-year-old owner and his two sons invited gamblers to play poker. The family was even known to bet against each other during games. Police were tipped off and raided the restaurant in the morning.

Police arrested six people for illegal gambling. They  seized two decks of cards, poker chips that had been exchanged for NT$57,200 yuan, as well as NT$15,000 in cash. In total, police confiscated NT$18,890 in connection with alleged money laundering.

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