Inbound Tourists to Taiwan Increase in June

Taiwan Tourism Bureau
By 中華民國交通部觀光局,Tourism Bureau, MOTC, ROC

The total number of tourists in June increased 2.59% from the same month last year, according to statistics from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The total number of tourists in Taiwan for the month was 857,578 compared to 835,931 last year.

The Tourism Bureau noted that the decline in tourists from China has slowed. Last June, 189,078 Chinese tourists visited Taiwan in June. That figure increased by 2.54% this year to 193,886 tourists.

The change in Chinese tourists was offset by a decline in travelers from South Korea. The number of tourists from South Korea declined 10.54% to 64,436 from 72,031 last June. South Korean tourists to Taiwan has steadily declined since February, with the number falling 21% year-on-year in April.

The New Southbound Policy’s relaxation on visa rules for visitors from the Philippines aided the overall increase for inbound tourists. The number of Filipinos visiting Taiwan last month increased 61.43% from the previous year to 39,632. In addition, there were 48,098 tourists from Vietnam, an increase of 28.9% from June 2017.

The total number of visitors from Hong Kong and Macau remained relatively steady at 147,651, while Japanese and Singaporean tourists declined by 5.51% and 7.88% year-on-year, respectively. The number of tourists from the Americas increased slightly to 61,556 in June, with the U.S. accounting for over 52,000 arrivals. European visitors increased by 11.73% year-on-year to 25,144.

The Tourism Bureau also released tourist consumption statistics, which showed that South Koreans tend to buy daily products that are less expensive than in South Korea, such as toothpaste. The second most popular product for Korean tourists is milk tea. Statistics also showed that the tourists enjoyed fruit beer as it is not as widely available in South Korea.

Meanwhile visitors from China, Hong Kong, and Macau tend to purchase food products such as noodles, dry soup mixes, and sandwiches. They also purchased facial masks.

Filipino tourists tend to purchase 3C products, clothing, name brand shoes, as well as small souvenirs for friends and family.

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