Illegal Immigrant Caught Using Fake ID After 12 Years

Photo by Taylor White via Flickr Creative Commons

A man surnamed Ye from Fujian Province, China, was discovered to have been living in Taiwan on fake documents for the past 12 years, according to UDN.

Authorities found that he paid NT$30,000 for counterfeit documents that claimed he had ill relatives in Taiwan so he could obtain a travel visa. After he overstayed the visa, he obtained a national ID card for someone who looked similar to convince employers that he was legal to work. With the fake documents, he obtained a job at a circuit board manufacturing plant in Taoyuan and earned NT$40,000 per month, The Central News Agency reported. Ye even was promoted to section director of the plant.

Bosses and colleagues at the factory were shocked when authorities informed them that the man they thought was A Xin (阿信) was actually an illegal immigrant.

Ye was caught because a local bank sought to collect on a debt from the man whose identity Ye had assumed. After investigating the matter, the bank found that there were two men with the same ID, but with a slightly different name; the local Taiwanese man was named A Hua (阿驊).

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