Ichiran Ramen in Taipei Breaks Record for Longest Continuous Queue

ichiran ramen
Tonkatsu Ramen at Ichiran Ramen. Photo by Jpatokal at wts wikivoyage via Wikimedia Commons

Ichiran Ramen opened its first restaurant in Xinyi District, Taipei, on June 15, and it broke its previous record for a continuous queue for diners, Apple Daily reported.

As the ramen shop is open 24 hours, it was easier to have a continuous queue of patrons to break its previous record set in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay of 196 hours of diners waiting to eat. Taipei set the new record with 240 hours of people continuously waiting to enter the ramen shop.

Some netizens have said that they want to try Ichiran Ramen but will wait until the novelty of the restaurant wears off so they won’t have to wait as long. Others said that the ramen is too expensive and not worth the wait. Some people commented on PTT that waiting in line for such a long time is stupid.

The ramen shop has only 60 seats to accommodate diners. The Causeway Bay location opened with only 36 seats but expanded to 93 a year later, according to HK01 News.

The Hong Kong media outlet noted that between 6 am and 10 am, there were an average of 40 to 100 people waiting in line, while the most popular time was between 11 pm and 3 am due to the bars and clubs in the area. At least 200 people waited in line for more than 100 minutes. The fastest wait time was 35 minutes.

A bowl of tonkotsu ramen at the shop will set diners back NT$288 (US$9.50). The ramen chain’s third international location is in New York.

The company started in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1960 with a simple ramen stall and was renamed Ichiran in 1966. It expanded into a chain in 1993. It operates more than 60 ramen shops throughout Japan.

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