Hitachino Beer Removed from Shelves over Nuclear Contamination Fears

Hitachino beer
Photo from Hitachino website

Dollars Mall (高雄大乐购物中心) in Kaohsiung is removing Hitachino, which is imported from Japan, due to consumers’ fears of radiation contamination, Apple Daily reported.

While the beer is approved for import by the Ministry of Finance, some consumers are still wary of products from the surrounding Fukushima region of Japan. As the store in Kaohsiung doesn’t sell large quantities of Hitachino, management has decided to remove the beer from shelves. The store sells an average of 36 bottles of Hitachino beer each month.

Hitachino’s brewery is in Ibraraki, one of the five prefectures affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. All products from Fukushima prefecture are banned from being exported at this time. Products from the other four prefectures undergo strict inspections to ensure consumer safety. Only Taiwan and China still maintain bans on food products from those five prefectures.

The FDA recently rejected the import of five natto (fermented soy bean) products that originate in two of the four prefectures on the banned products list. Authorities seized 187 kg of natto at the Taichung Port, Taipei Times reported. Such actions by authorities have raised concerns among the public about products imported from Japan, despite Japan’s insistence that the products are safe.

In addition to the ban on products from the five prefectures, Taiwan tests nine food product categories from other parts of Japan for radiation; the categories are fresh vegetables and fruit, frozen vegetables and fruit, fresh seafood products, frozen seafood products, baby formula, dairy products, seaweed, tea leaves, and drinking water.

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