Unlicensed Health Drink Maker Charged in Cancer Death

taichung hospital
Photo by Fcuk1203 via Wikimedia Commons

An unlicensed health drink maker surnamed Lin (林) in Taichung has been ordered to pay the family of a cancer victim NT$50,000 as the the victim was convinced to forego cancer treatment in favor of the supposed natural cure, Apple Daily reported.

The victim, surnamed Wang (王) was diagnosed with oral cancer two years ago at the age of 47. Mr. Lin convinced him to drink his natural remedy to boost immunity and fight cancer. Mr. Wang consumed the drink for more than five months in lieu of receiving treatment at the hospital. The drink allegedly led to organ failure and Mr. Wang’s eventual death.

Toward the end of his life, Wang developed a large tumor on his face. Lin responded that it was “a normal detoxification phenomenon.”

Wang’s family sued Lin and his company under the Law on Food Safety. Following an investigation, Lin and the company were found guilty of fraud.

Each bottle of the so-called enzyme drink that Lin sold cost NT$200, but he sold it for NT$5000 to NT$12,000 each. Wang reportedly purchased bottles of the drink for NT$6000 each and was told to drink it four times per day, only finishing one bottle per week. Wang allegedly said, “It must not be used along with chemotherapy or other medical treatments.”

Lin has had previous run-ins with the law, including guns and fraud. He may face additional charges from the Health Bureau of Taichung as well as criminal charges. Authorities continue to investigate whether the drink caused the organ failure that led to Lin’s death.

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