Health Dept Promotes Eating More Fruit, Vegetables to Reduce Carbon Footprint

fruit and vegetables
Photo by Olearys, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ministry of Health and Welfare today said that if everyone in Taiwan were vegan for one day a week, it would reduce carbon emissions by the same amount as taking 4,866 1600cc vehicles off the roads, CNA reported. The promotion of a low-carbon diet was in part to prepare for Earth Day tomorrow.

According to a ministry survey of adults over the age of 18, only 12.9% of respondents regularly eat enough fruit and vegetables each day. The ministry says that adults should consume at least three servings of vegetables and two of fruit. Only 8.9% of men met the guidelines, while 16.8% of women ate an adequate amount of produce.

Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Health Promotion Administration’s Community Health Division Head Lin Li-ju (林莉茹) said that not only is a diet of more fruit and vegetables healthier, but it is also better for the environment as less resources are needed for food production. Lin emphasized that people should focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables to lower the risk of pesticides.

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