Grave Robbing Discovered in Changhua

Phot by Pbdragonwang via Wikimedia Commons

On a trip to pay respects to their ancestors, residents in Tianwei Township, Changhua, discovered that the grave had been dug up at the sixth public cemetery (彰化縣田尾鄉第六公墓). Upon further inspection, they found jewelry and other personal items, mostly gold and jade, were removed from the bodies, Apple Daily reported.

This was not an isolated incident. Police said at least 30 tombs were robbed and children have been found playing with discarded bones. The thieves have been drilling holes in the caskets to extract the valuable items and they have been able to distinguish whether the jewelry is fake, leaving the fake items behind.

A man surnamed Wang claims that more than NT$50,000 worth of items were stolen from his father’s grave. Since discovering the grave robbing, he has begun visiting the cemetery daily in an effort to patrol the grounds against the thieves.

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