Gogoro Seeks to Cooperate on Standardized Batteries

Photo by Maurizio Pesce via Wikimedia Commons

Gogoro Inc. said on Monday that it is willing to work with the government and industry partners to jointly develop uniform specifications and standards for electric scooter batteries in an effort to increase the market size and expand in overseas markets, UDN reported.

The company is optimistic about the prospects for the cooperation with the support of the government. The company believes that it will help grow the industry beyond Taiwan.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has set a target for 226,000 electric scooters to be sold in Taiwan in the next five years. The Executive Yuan is set to finalize its “Electric Scooter Development Plan” (電動機車發展方案) today to promote the industry and help reach the target by 2022.

The government plan seeks to create a more electric-scooter-friendly environment, which should improve sales. It is expected to include battery exchange station infrastructure, dedicated electric scooter parking spaces, and consumer subsidies.

Gogoro is coming off a record month in July, during which it sold more than 4,000 electric scooters. The company launched the Gogoro 2 in May.

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