#LoveWon in Taiwan as Historic Marriage Equality Bill Passes

gay marriage taiwan
Gay rights activists marched outside Taiwan's parliament ahead of the vote. Photo from President Tsai Ing-wen's official Twitter account

Taiwan officially became the first Asian nation to legalize gay marriage on Friday afternoon as the government voted on the bill giving the right to marry to any couple over the age of 18. The law will take effect on May 24, which was the two-year deadline set by Taiwan’s Constitutional Court.

In 2017, the Constitutional Court ruled that the government must enact a law allowing same-sex marriage in Taiwan within two years or the court’s ruling would become law. Rather than wait for the deadline to expire, the government passed a bill making it official.

President Tsai Ing-wen took to Twitter to congratulate the government for its set forward on one of her political platforms.

Three bills were introduced, with the most progressive of the three passing. The two other bills considered referred to partnerships as “same-sex family relationships” or “same-sex unions.” The bill that passed by a vote of 66 to 27 included limited adoption rights for same-sex couples.

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