Fundraising for Taipei 101 New Year Fireworks Slow

Taipei 101 fireworks
Photo by Ukyo Hsieh via Wikimedia Commons

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Su Jain-rong (蘇建榮) said that despite fundraising for the Taipei 101 New Year fireworks display going slow, the show will go on as planned, UDN reported. Su added that the Ministry of Finance will continue to seek sponsors to make up the NT$45 million price tag.

While there are reportedly four companies lined up to help fund the show, fundraising may be short by NT$20 million. The government has reiterated that it will not use public funds to make up the difference for the fireworks display.

Legislator Lu Shiow-Yen (盧秀燕) said that while the fireworks are more popular than National Day celebrations, there is no need for the government to fund the event.

The New Year fireworks show attracts tourists from around Taiwan and the world. Over the years it has been criticized for the brief displays. Last year’s fireworks lasted 238 seconds, beating 2014 and 2015’s 218-second shows. 2012 and 2013 were even shorter fireworks displays. However, 2005 was the shortest show at only 35 seconds.

While most people crowd the area surrounding Taipei 101 (stretching out to City Hall MRT station and beyond), there are plenty of people who have found Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to be a worthwhile viewing area with a smaller crowd. However, new construction in the area has blocked the view of Taipei 101 from the park.

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