Fuji Xerox Fined for Excess Overtime

fuji xerox taiwan
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Taipei City Department of Labor has fined Fuji Xerox Taiwan Corp. NT$2.62 million (US$84,764) for violating the Labor Standards Act, the highest fine for any company in March, according to a government disclosure this month. The subsidiary of Japan’s FUJIFILM Holdings Corp. plans to appeal the fine.

The company extended working hours in March without consulting the labor union and did not provide adequate time off, which is in violation of Taiwan’s Labor Standards Act. The violation included six instances of unpaid overtime, which totaled NT$1 million in fines. Investigations also turned up workers on duty for more than 12 hours and accumulating over 46 hours of overtime in a month. Each violation carried a penalty of NT$20,000.

The Department of Labor encouraged Fuji Xerox to negotiate with its labor union to improve working conditions and avoid further penalties.

Taiwan-based Danan Bus Co. (大南汽車) was also fined NT$1 million for violating overtime rules, which exceeded the legal limit.

Taipei City Department of Labor head Lai Hsiang-lin (賴香伶) said that the release of the details of the fines and violations were to inform the public of illegal business practices in the city and to allow residents to see what the department is doing to improve working conditions.

Fuji Xerox has also had labor disputes outside of Taiwan. Earlier this year, workers in New Zealand went on strike to resolve pay issues.

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