Fruit Prices Set to Rise on Shortages

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Photo by _e.t via Wikimedia Commons

Expect to pay more at the grocery store when you stock up on fruit this summer.

Due to more extreme weather than in previous years, crop yields in Taiwan have fallen enough to affect produce prices this coming summer, UDN reported. Wax apple crops, for example, have declined 7-8% this year, while lychees have declined more than 5% and mangoes and dates about 3% each. Even spring crops of soy beans and red beans declined 2%.

Experts claim that the significant temperature changes during the winter damaged crops with lower than normal temperatures followed by excessive rain. So far, the crop yields are estimated as the full harvest season has not yet begun. In the case of lychees, the effect could be even greater than the 5% estimate.

The reduced crop yields this summer are expected to increase prices of all seasonal domestic produce.

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