Friday Photo: Yinhe Cave, Maokong

yinhe cave

Along the trails that surround Maokong, one of Taipei’s top tourist destinations, is a not-so-secret serene stop. Yinhe Cave (銀河洞) is a temple built into the cliffside with a narrow waterfall running through it.

The temple was built in 1914, two years after Japanese in Taiwan came across the cave. It was then renovated in 1958.

yinhe cave maokong

There are various routes to take to the temple either from the Maokong Gondola to the north or Highway 9 to the south. The most accessible trail via public transportation is from the Maokong Gondola. For anyone traveling along Highway 9, there’s a turn-off for Yinhe Road that will lead to the trail.

There are great views of Taipei and the surrounding area from the trail and there are far fewer people hiking than there are in the immediate area surrounding the Maokong yinhe cave

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