Details of Freshmen Hazing Activities Posted Online

chung yuan university
Chung Yuan Christian University. Photo by Foxy Who via Wikimedia Commons

An instructor at Chung Yuan Christian University (中原大學) in Taoyuan is being criticized for his involvement in freshmen hazing activities, details of which were posted on Dcard.

The student who posted details of the hazing during the freshmen outing said he was embarrassed and didn’t want to participate in the games but was pressured to do so. He noted that he was not forced to take part in the games.

During the games, teams of boys and girls were told to strip to earn points. In some cases, the girls helped strip the boys and vice versa.

The student who posted the details said that he refused to take part in the stripping activity and his team members gave him disappointed looks for not doing so. After refusing to participate, an instructor spoke with him and said that the student had been informed about the activities prior to the outing and agreed to participate.

The instructor, who was not named in the UDN article or Dcard post, reportedly said that male students who were embarrassed or offended by the activities during the freshmen outing were “too conservative.”

The student said he does not want an apology for the activities, but rather posted the story to inform schools about the hazing activities so that administrations could take action in the future.

There were reports last year of hazing that included drinking cups of other people’s spit as well as students stripping at Jinwen University of Science and Technology (景文科大學).

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