Free Coffee for Bike Commuters in Taipei

Taipei YouBike

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and Taiwan Urban Bicycle Alliance have jointly launched the “Bike Commuters’ Day” free coffee program on every Friday throughout December.

Individuals who ride a bicycle to the 12 designated locations across Taipei between 7:30 and 9:30 AM on Friday this month will receive a free cup of coffee and snacks.

According to the DOT, there will be six fixed spots and six “surprise” locations–published each week based on feedback and suggestions–where the coffee giveaway is available.

The coffee stalls for December 9 will be set up at the following locations (the first six are fixed locations throughout the month):

  • Songjiang Minsheng Intersection–Northwest Corner, MRT Xingtian Temple Station Exit 1
  • Songjiang Nanjing Intersection–Northeast Corner, net to the YouBike station
  • City Hall Songshou Intersection–Southeast Corner, near Taipei World Trade Center Hall 3
  • Xinsheng Heping Intersection–Northeast Corner, Daan Forest Park
  • Nanjing Fuxing Intersection–Southwest Corner
  • Xinyi Fuxing Intersection–Southwest Corner, MRT Daan Station Exit 3
  • Xingyi Yongkang Intersection–MRT Dongmen Station Exit 5
  • MRT Ximen Station Exit 3, next to the YouBike Station
  • MRT Zhongshan Station Exit 4, next to the YouBike Station
  • Zhongxiao Guangfu Intersection–Southwest Corner
  • Nanjing Sanmin Intersection–Northwest Corner, next to the YouBike station
  • Xinyi Dunhua Intersection–Northeast Corner, next to the YouBike station

To learn more about the program, visit (Chinese)

Source: Taipei City Government website

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