Former Prosecutor Fined for Outstanding Cases

Taipei court
Taipei District Prosecutors Office. Photo by 未命名 via Wikimedia Commons

Former Taipei District Prosecutor Hsu Shih-wei (徐仕瑋) accepted a fine of three months’ salary totaling NT$350,000 (US$11,548) for outstanding cases that remained when he departed the office for paternity leave and then to private law in 2014, Apple Daily reported. His departure from the office was tried as a violation under the “Civil Service Law” and other legal provisions.

Before leaving his post as district prosecutor, Hsu handled 362 cases in 2014, which was twice the number of his colleagues. When he look paternity leave, there were 146 outstanding cases on his desk.

The Ministry of Justice noted that Hsu had significantly more unfinished cases than other prosecutors in the office, according to another report. Between March 2014 and February 2015, Hsu had an average of 217 unfinished cases.

The Judicial Yuan accused the 51-year-old Hsu of dereliction of duty when he did not complete the cases before his leave. Rather than return to work at the Taipei District Public Prosecutors Office, Hsu accepted the fine. He noted that while he accepted the ruling, he said he “hopes for early success in judicial reforms.”

The ruling noted that Hsu had 14 cases that had been in his care for more than six months, and 11 cases had expired under his care. The average number of expired cases among his colleagues was two. The Ministry of Justice also accused the prosecutor of a negative attitude in the workplace.

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