Foreigners Found Camping at Taoyuan Airport

Photo from user Albee Jeng in 爆料公社 Facebook community

Two foreigners decided to sleep at Taoyuan Airport last night rather than find a hotel, UDN reported. The two unnamed men took it upon themselves to set up a tent on the first floor of terminal 1 near the check-in counters.

Airport police were called to force the two men to remove the tent and leave the terminal. Authorities said that the men were obstructing passenger flow. They noted that enforcement will be improved to prevent such incidents in the future.

Staff said that many passengers do sleep in the airport, even bringing blankets to use as they lay across benches. However, passengers setting up a tent in the terminal is rare.

Taoyuan Airport provides benches and even lounge chairs that passengers can access to sleep, if needed. Those spaces are often occupied by travelers with extra time before their flights.

The website “Sleeping in Airports” rated Taoyuan as the fourth best airport in which to sleep in 2016. Singapore’s Changi Airport topped the list. According to the website, “Outside of the lounges, the airport also offers a number of rest zones, shower areas (bring your own soap!), family rooms and free Wi-Fi. They also make sure the basics are solid – time here is reliably easy, efficient and clean!”


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