Foreigner in Chiayi Doesn’t Understand How STDs or Laxatives Work

chiayi hospital
Photo by Mk2010 via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps Taiwan should implement a sex education exam as part of the visa process. Or maybe something was lost in translation in this story of sex, education, and medical misinformation from UDN. Also, so much for doctor-patient confidentiality.

A 20-year-old foreigner in Chiayi County went to the hospital two days ago and asked the doctor to prescribe laxatives. The young man explained that three nights before he went to a nightclub with a friend and got drunk; he awoke with a woman in his bed and they obviously had sex.

According to doctors, he did not have a thorough understanding of safe sex or STDs; they speculated that it may have been due to a strict religious upbringing. Logically, he needed the laxatives to “cleanse” his body of potential STDs because he hadn’t had a bowel movement in the two days since his one-night stand. He was afraid that he might contract AIDS and that the only way to clean out any such diseases was through the back door.

Doctors at the hospital did not want to give the man laxatives for his intended purpose and attempted to explain the situation, but he would have none of it. The man repeatedly insisted on the laxative “purification” and doctors finally gave in to the demands.

There was no explanation why the doctors relayed the information to the media, but they at least didn’t release the man’s name to save him from further humiliation.

Editor’s Note: Please practice safe sex. Laxatives will not prevent STDs.

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