Flu Shot Shortages in Parts of Taiwan

Photo by NIAID via Wikimedia Commons

There are reports of flu shot shortages in some counties and towns in Taiwan due to uneven distribution of the influenza vaccines, according to New Taipei Zhonghe Health Department. Some medical facilities were provided with only a dozen doses while others were given more than 400. This has caused some residents to be unable to get vaccinated.

New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) told reporters that the situation has been reported to the central government departments in charge of distributing the flu shots throughout Taiwan. Hou noted that local authorities do not set the distribution quotas.

Mayor Hou added that there has been greater demand for the flu shot this year, which may have created a discrepancy in allocation. He requested that resident remain in contact with medical facilities to stay informed about when additional vaccines will arrive.

He encouraged residents to seek out the flu shot when it is available in the interest of public health.

The second phase of influenza vaccination in Taiwan began on December 8, targeting senior citizens and preschool children. The flu shots would be available at 1305 locations on weekends and holidays and 4090 locations on weekdays, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stated. The government had allocated 6 million doses of the vaccine for the public this year. The CDC is awaiting further instructions from the World Health Organization (WHO) on global flu reports for the year and will launch a third phase of vaccination when the information is available.

Residents of New Taipei can access the health department’s flu map for doctors and facilities to provide the flu shot when it is available (in Chinese)

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