Flooding in Pingtung as Nesat Approaches Taiwan

typhoon Nesat
Courtesy Central Weather Bureau

While flights and trains have been cancelled in Taiwan due to Typhoon Nesat, Pingtung County is taking the brunt of the storm that has just made landfall.

As of 4 pm, Pingtung County received reports of 29,761 power outages due the torrential rain, which saw a record 313 mm fall in just three hours, according to UDN. The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported 539.5 mm of rainfall in Jiadong as of 4:30 pm with a maximum of 94.5 mm of rainfall per hour.

The CWB says that Typhoon Nesat has sustained winds of 85 mph with gusts of 107 mph.

Earlier today, police were called when three South African tourists were seen trying to surf off the coast of Gongliao District, New Taipei, UDN reported. Police persuaded the men to not risk the danger of surfing with a typhoon approaching.

Ruifang Police said that police have had to persuade 46 people to return to safety from coastal areas today. If the people did not respond to the warnings, police would be forced to issue citations ranging from NT$50,000 to NT$250,000.

In Hualien County, 1982 have been evacuated in preparation for the typhoon. Authorities plan to evacuate at least 2761 people from low-lying areas.

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