Flight Crew Caught Exiting with Undeclared Cash in Kaohsiung

kaohsiung airport
Kaohsiung Airport. Photo by Alec @ Taiwan via Wikimedia Commons

The Aviation Police Bureau at Kaohsiung International Airport said that it had seized undeclared currency in excess of the customs exit/entry regulations.

The police said that it checked the backpack of a 40-year-old Chinese-national crew member surnamed Wang who was headed to Hong Kong. Authorities found US$60,000 and RMB100,000, both of which exceed the legal limit for undeclared cash of US$10,000 and RMB20,000. The total value of the currency was NT$1.65 million, which would also exceed the New Taiwan Dollar limit of NT$100,000.

Authorities also caught a 40-year-old woman carrying NT$450,000 in undeclared cash to another flight to Hong Kong, Apple Daily reported.

Both people had the excess undeclared cash confiscated and were left with the maximum amount for exiting Taiwan. New regulations that went into effect on June 28 stipulate undeclared currency in excess of the allowed amount will be immediately surrendered to authorities. Previously, passengers were allowed to leave the excess currency with authorities and retrieve it at a later date.

Earlier this month two Taiwanese men were caught entering Taiwan from Macau with US$200,000 each in undeclared cash. Together they surrendered US$380,000.

The Aviation Police Bureau has stepped up efforts to check for undeclared currency as part of Taiwan’s anti-money laundering campaign. In May, Taiwan signed an agreement with Vatican City to improve anti-money laundering efforts.

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