Flawed Survey Names Taipei 11th Most Congested City

taipei traffic

Taipei is the 11th most congested city in the world, just behind Los Angeles, according to TomTom.

The data compiled by the Dutch navigation and mapping product provider relies solely on GPS measurements. The problem with only using GPS measurements is that many drivers in developing nations don’t use the technology. While it is used in mainland China, it is not as widely used as it is in Taipei. In places like Ho Chi Minh City, GPS is rarely used. There are still plenty of drivers in developed nations that don’t use GPS devices.

Mainland China is promoting this survey to show that its traffic isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. N0 city in mainland China came in ahead of Taipei in TomTom’s rankings; however, 14 of the top 50 cities on the list are in mainland China.

According to Joe Cortright, who studies traffic patterns as the director of Portland-based think-tank City Observatory, the data is inaccurate because it takes a small sample of drivers from around the world.

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