Firefighters Battle Blaze in Tainan for Nearly 6 Hours

tainan fire
Photo by Tainan 1st Precinct Police Bureau

After nearly six hours, firefighters in Tainan extinguished a blaze in a high rise in Tainan’s East District on Wednesday. The fire started in the 13-storey mixed-use building in a seven-way intersection between Datong and Fulian roads at 12:20 pm, UDN reported.

More than 40 emergency vehicles and over 100 firefighters were dispatched to control the blaze, which was under control at around 1:30 pm and did not spread beyond the building. The fire reignited at around 4 pm, requiring firefighters to re-enter the building as they were preparing to leave the premises. The fire was full extinguished at 6:10 pm.

Firefighters were exhausted from carrying 30 kg of gear up flights of stairs in the building to search all the partitioned rooms to ensure everyone had evacuated. Fire officials said it was a difficult task to go through so many rooms in the building. Media and witnesses saw many of the firefighters sitting in the street to recover after battling the blaze.

There were 16 people in a dance studio and rental spaces in the building, but all evacuated safely. No one was injured in the fire.

The building is home to Fox-Fairyland Temple (狐仙堂台南分堂) on the third floor, which is where witnesses noticed smoke just after noon. Fourteen residents rushed up to the 12th floor where they were rescued as emergency services arrived, according to Apple Daily.

A representative of Fox-Fairyland said that he smelled smoke around noon. He attempted to extinguish the fire before contacting emergency services.

The source of the fire was allegedly an malfunctioning transformer box on the third floor.

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