Firefighter Faces Up to 100 Years in Prison for NT$30,000 in Fraudulent Overtime Pay

taiwan national fire agency
From National Fire Agency Website

A National Fire Agency Training Center officer surnamed Huang faces prison for corruption charges stemming from fraudulently claiming overtime pay totaling NT$31,168 (US$1,027) between March 2014 and March 2015, Liberty Times reported.

The Nantou District Prosecutor’s Office said that Huang filed falsified overtime documents 21 times during the year. The indictment indicated three people were involved in the corruption case, but charges against the other two have been dropped due to lack of evidence.

The two accomplices were reportedly told that Huang needed the overtime to pay off credit card debt.

Huang admitted to falsifying overtime documents and will be required to repay the funds. He also faces a minimum sentence of seven years in prison with a maximum sentence of 100 years. A lawyer, however, pointed out that because Huang confessed, his sentence could be commuted and there is potential for only probation and a fine.

The overtime pay for Huang’s equipment management position was calculated at NT$220 per hour or NT$800 per day.

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