Taiwanese Obtained Fake Philippine Passports to Attend International School

philippine passports
Photo courtesy Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs

Some parents are willing to make large donations to universities to ensure a place for their children. Taiwanese parents are willing to do just about anything to ensure their children get the best education possible. In some cases, the lengths to which they go cross legal boundaries.

The Taipei Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice received a report that Chau Morn Consultants Co., Ltd. (喬盟顧問公司), headquartered in Taipei, has been producing counterfeit Philippine passports for Taiwanese citizens, marketing the passports as a way to enroll in international schools.

The company allegedly charged NT$100,000 (US$3184) for each passport, which were then used to qualify as overseas students at an international school in New Taipei’s Linkou District, UDN reported. The Investigation Bureau was sent to five locations to interview six people before transferring the matter to local authorities.

The company may have forged more than 10 passports for Taiwanese citizens who wanted to attend the Asia American International Academy (AAIA), the first international American curriculum school in New Taipei City with classes for grades 6 through 12. The accusations date back to 2016. Students would still be required to take an English exam before being accepted to the school.

The school has a reputation for high standards in the area, making it a more desirable one for parents to send their children.

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