Fake American Arms Dealer Arrested for Defrauding 3 Women

Taipei court
Taipei District Prosecutors Office. Photo by 未命名 via Wikimedia Commons

An American man has been arrested for fraud, and the court approved a travel ban yesterday to prevent the man from fleeing Taiwan, according to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office.

The man allegedly found three victims in different parts of Taiwan via online dating apps. In his profile he claimed to be an arms dealer facilitating trade between the US and Taiwan, Apple Daily reported.

According to his most recent victim in Taipei, the man told her at the beginning of the year that he had a major deal with Taiwan but that he hadn’t received payment and his shipment was seized by customs. In a financial bind, he asked the woman to lend him money to deal with the authorities, which she did because she believed they were in love.

The man instructed her to give the money to a Taiwanese friend. She was told to take a photo of the friend before handing over the money.

Following the deal, the American man began ignoring her and she felt that something was wrong. She immediately contacted the police to report her suspicions of being cheated.

During the investigation, authorities found that a man fitting the same description was involved with at least three women around Taiwan. Authorities are not certain that the American man was the leader of the fraud operation, and they have not identified the accomplice who accepted the woman’s money.

After his arrest, the American man denied the accusations even when presented with photos taken by the woman.

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