Experts Warn Against Downloading Non-Official Pokemon Go

Bunny Assistant

While much of the world is engrossed in the Pokémon Go phenomenon, the app has yet to be officially released in Taiwan, China, and other parts of Asia despite significant demand. In an effort to catch ’em all before the official release, many consumers have taken steps to download non-official versions of the Nintendo app. The most popular method of acquiring the app has been through a Chinese-developed third-party app called Bunny Assistant (兔兔助手), Apple Daily reported.

Tech experts are warning, however, that users should not use third-party resources to download Pokémon Go before it is officially released. They believe that software such as Bunny Assistant are unreliable and may lead to personal data being leaked. It is also possible that it could cause problems with system updates on iPhones. Users have reported that they can no longer access the Apple APP Store. The experts noted that users who have encountered serious errors related to the apps must delete all phone data and revert to the factory reset settings.

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