EPA Investigating Water Pollution in Kaohsiung

Photo licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

As Kaohsiung and other cities in Taiwan are coping with water restrictions due to the ongoing drought, the EPA is working to ensure that what little water remains is safe and that manufacturers properly treat wastewater.

The Kaohsiung City Government EPA said yesterday that it found Hsiung-Tai Metal Co., Ltd. (雄台金屬股份有限公司) had dumped untreated wastewater in Houjing Creek overnight in violation of the Water Pollution Control Act and Waste Disposal Act, Money Link reported. Hsiung-Tai Metal was ordered to shut down operations and pay a fine for the untreated wasterwater.

The EPA discovered signs of pollution in the waterway near the steel manufacturer a week ago and began collecting water samples for further investigation. Tests showed that the waterway’s pH level was 0.12 and the water temperature had reached 44.2 ℃.

The EPA said that it will impose a fine of NT$60,000 to NT$20 million on Hsiung-Tai Metal. If the EPA finds that the pollution is detrimental to public health, the head of the company, or other person responsible for the illegal dumping, may be criminally liable, Apple Daily reported. If charged with a crime, the person liable may be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined NT$200,000 to NT$15 million.

Hsiung-Tai Metal was founded in 1979 and manufactures steel and other metal products. Its annual revenue is about US$2.25 million and it employs 20 people.

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