Enjoy Coffee with a View at ‘An Coast Cafe

an coast cafe taipei

Situated at the confluence of the Tamsui and Keelung rivers, 岸咖啡 ‘An Coast Cafe offers customers a quiet space to enjoy the view of mountains across the river from the second floor. In an area that sees more bicycle traffic than cars and motorbikes, this cafe provides an inviting, tranquil atmosphere as an escape within Taipei.an coast cafe

Though a bit out of the way for most Taipei residents, ‘An Coast Cafe caters mostly to cyclists out for a ride along the riverside park. After a break at Shezi Daodaotou Park (社子島島頭公園), it’s a short ride or walk down from the bike path to the cafe. A double shot of espresso should keep cyclists going for a few more hours.

an coast cafe taipei
Views from the second floor

Opened in September 2015 in Shilin District, 岸咖啡 ‘An Coast Cafe is one of the quietest places to grab a coffee in Taipei. They offer a large selection of coffee drinks, including iced sea salt coffee for NT$100. A cup of Americano or a double espresso is NT$70. For anyone hungry, they have a limited food menu with cakes and some small Taiwanese dishes, including dumplings, for NT$50-200.
an coast cafe

For anyone looking to stay later, 岸咖啡 ‘An Coast Cafe has beer and wine, including wine from Kaohsiung, so you can relax while waiting for the sunset. And if you get bored, there’s a dartboard on the first floor.

Although the menu is only in Chinese, the owner will be more than happy to help you out.taipei riverside park

岸咖啡 ‘An Coast Cafe is a little more than five miles north of Dadaocheng Wharf along the Taipei riverside park bike path. So, the next time you’re biking around northern Taipei, head on over for some coffee and a relaxing view before continuing on the ride.

Address: No. 360, Section 9, Yanping North Rd. (map)
Phone: 0963 977 699
Open daily 11:00-23:00

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