Elementary School Students Worried about Abuse, Drugs

pingtung police
Pingtung County Police Bureau. Photo by ScoutT7 via Wikimedia Commons

The Pingtung County Police Bureau released the results of its online questionnaire about the concerns for students in third through sixth grade, Apple Daily reported.

According to the survey, the top public safety concerns among the students are drugs, bullying, and sexual abuse/harassment, respectively. The department collected 11,198 valid questionnaires out of a total 24,171 beginning in October.

Pingtung Police Chief Chiang Ya-wen (江雅文), said the police have conducted more than 120 anti-drug campaigns in area schools this year. Chiang noted that a positive family environment is the best prevention in the fight against drugs in Taiwan.

Police said that there are 67 juveniles recovering from drug abuse in the county, and the bureau checks in on them every three months. They have also followed two new cases in the last month.

The police have reportedly stepped up efforts to inspect establishments that are popular with youths to prevent illegal drug distribution.

In response to bullying being the number 2 concern, police said they will monitor locations outside of schools for signs of such incidents. In particular, they will focus on KTVs, internet cafes, and parks, as they are popular after-school hangouts.

Police Capitan Yang Chen-sheng (楊振盛) said that the bureau has also introduced sexual harassment workshops at schools to reinforce the importance of protecting children. The students are taught to immediately seek assistance in the event of sexual harassment or abuse.

While 30% of survey respondents chose drugs as the top public safety concern, 23% chose bullying, and 19% sexual harassment. Theft, mental health problems, intimidation, domestic violence and fraud were also chosen as concerns.

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