Earthquake and Balloon Cause Train Delays

balloon HSR
Photo provided by Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

An earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale struck just off the coast of northern Taitung County at 7:12 this morning at a depth of 21.9 km.

The earthquake caused delays on east coast train lines in both directions between Ruisui (瑞穗) and Shanli (山里). The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) has been working to return service to normal.

On the west coast of Taiwan, a large balloon caused delays on the High-Speed Rail (HSR) in Miaoli. At 7:56 this morning, a large red balloon was reported to have gotten caught on the overhead power lines along the Miaoli-Taichung section of the railway.

The train delay caused former KMT vice president Wu Den-yih (統吳敦) to be late to a 10 am presentation in Taichung, UDN reported. Tina Pan (潘維剛) was the first to arrive at the presentation but was also delayed due to the balloon caught in the overhead power lines.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation said that while the balloon caused trains to be delayed, it did not pose a threat to passenger safety.

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