Drug Busts, No Swimming at Kenting Music Festival

Photo by momo via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/kudumomo/

Those attending this year’s Kenting Music Festival will have to settle for beer and a place in the shade as police are cracking down on drug use and Typhoon Maysak has made swimming in the area dangerous.

16 people were arrested for drug use at hotels in Kenting during the first day of this year’s music festival, Focus Taiwan reported. The people involved in the first drug bust allegedly had ketamine. At least 10 of those arrested tested positive for drugs in urine tests.

The annual music festival in Kenting, which opened on Friday, has brought about 1500 police officers to monitor the event. About 150,000 people attended the two-day event.

As temperatures reached above 30°C (86°F), revelers were informed that there was no swimming allowed for relief from the heat because the surf was over one meter. The waves are driven by Typhoon Maysak, which is dissipating over the Philippines. However, some foreigners who aren’t heeding the red flag warning have ventured into the surf to cool off, according to The Central News Agency.

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