Drivers, Passengers Reminded to Look Before Opening Car Doors

taipei traffic

Opening a car door, either on the street or sidewalk side, can be dangerous in Taiwan, particularly on the busy streets of Taipei. For cyclists on those busy streets, unexpected car door openings are a common sight.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications wants to draft new laws pertaining to accidents that occur when drivers and passengers open car doors without looking first, according to Apple Daily.

Current laws only fault the driver/passenger if the car is illegally parked or stopped. Potential new laws would take into consideration whether the driver/passenger checked traffic prior to opening the car door; the driver would then be fined if found to be careless in his/her actions.

The National Police Agency reported 3280 accidents involving careless car door opening last year. The accidents killed six people and injured 4378 more. The majority of accidents involved bicycles and motorbikes running into the car doors.


  1. The fines/penalties should be more severe for those offenders who open their doors, even when they don’t even hit people, in situations where pedestrians basically have no other choice but to walk unsafely in between their vehicles on the side of the road and the moving traffic on the street. In Luzhou district in New Taipei City, there’s rarely a sidewalk for any useful length. The cars probably shouldn’t be there in the first place but that’s another unenforced issue. Yeah, I guess I’m basically saying they shouldn’t be allowed to get out of their vehicles when they’re sharing the roads with pedestrians. Also, can there be an equivalent offense for those scooter operators who back their vehicles out into oncoming pedestrian/cluttered sidewalk traffic? To me it’s among the great offences to ask those of us walking to move even closer to moving traffic.

  2. As a cyclist, I hope this works. Would be good if the grip wraps around both sides of the handle so the driver gets a visual reminder as well as sensory.
    Nice one.

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