Driver Collides with Xiaonanmen


A 69-year-old driver on his way home to Wanhua District hopped the curb and ran into Xiaonanmen (小南門) at about noon on Friday, UDN reported.

The driver surnamed Peng (彭) reportedly felt dizzy and lost control of his car on Yanping South Road as the street curves around the old city gate. Fortunately, the vehicle was not traveling fast and caused no damage to the gate, though the front of the car sustained minor damage.

Mr. Peng said that he takes full responsibility for the accident.

On July 1, Taiwan implemented new legislation in regards to drivers’ licenses for the elderly. Drivers who are at least 75 years old on or after July 1 will be required to renew their license every three years. Drivers who were 75 before that date will only be required to renew their license every three years if there is a record of traffic accidents or violations.

While Mr. Peng has not yet been affected by the new regulations, police have recommended that he take the driving test and be approved to drive after a doctor’s examination that reports good mental and cognitive health.

Xiaonanmen, located in Zhongzheng District at the intersection of Yanping South Road and Aiguo West Road, was constructed while Taiwan was under the authority of the Qing Dynasty in 1879.

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