Wanhua District Bars

Drinking in Wanhua District

Taipei’s Wanhua District, which borders the Tamsui River to the west and the Xindian River to the south, is home to the popular Ximending shopping district and Longshan Temple. There’s a wide variety of restaurants, including plenty of street vendors,  in and around Ximen MRT station. The area also includes Red House, which hosts arts activities and houses an artists market. The courtyard behind Red House is known for its gay bars. Near Longshan Temple is Huaxi Night Market (Snake Alley). Other night markets in the district are Xichang Street Night Market, Guangzhou Street Night Market, Wuzhou Street Night Market, and Nanjichang Night Market.

Beimen MRT (Green Line)

  • The 58 Bar – No. 58, Section 2, Kaifeng St.; (02)2388-8580 (map)

Ximen MRT (Blue Line/Green Line)

  • Cafe Dalida (gay bar, cocktails) – No. 10 Chengdu Rd.; (02)2370-7833 (map)
  • Jack’s Studio 杰克音樂 – No. 76, Kunming St.; (02)2381-0999 (map)
  • Riverside Live House – No. 177, Xining South Rd.; (02)2370-8805 (map)  (website)
  • Shibuya (gay bar) – No. 37 Lane 10, Chengdu Rd.; (09)5535-9000 (map)

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