Beitou District Bars

Drinking in Beitou District 北投區酒吧

The northernmost district in Taipei is Beitou, which is renowned for its hot springs. Most of the hot springs are located around Xinbeitou MRT station–a one-stop extension from Beitou station. Beitou Park is just outside the Xinbeitou station and is home to the Hot Spring Museum and the Beitou Public Library, which is recognized for its environmentally-friendly design. The district reaches into Yangmingshan National Park to the east and the Tamsui River to the Southwest. It is bordered by Shilin and Tamsui Districts to the south and north, respectively. You can find our list of Beitou District Restaurants as well.

Shipai MRT (Red Line)

  • Holiday KTV – No. 128 Yumin 6th Rd.; (02)2822-2168 (map)

Xinbeitou MRT (Red Line extension)

  • 拾米SheMe TOGO (beer cafe) – No. 12, Quanyuan Rd.; (02)2892-6040 (map) (website)