“Dragon King” Claims to Cure Cancer with Breast Fondling

Venus and Adonis by Hendrik Goltzius

A self-proclaimed “Dragon King” fortune teller in New Taipei duped women into getting naked and giving him money. His powers that supposedly improved blood circulation could only work when the women were completely naked, which is why he only accepted female worshipers.

The cult leader claimed to have the ability to cure cancer by fondling his followers’ breasts. There is no word on whether any of his 60 followers actually had cancer.

The women who followed the Dragon King each paid at least NT$2500 per month for consultations and NT$5000 per month for his personal “nude dragon incantation” treatment. For NT$20,000 per month a woman could become ordained as a “dragon woman.” He has been performing his nude rituals for seven years and earned at least NT$300,000 per month for his unorthodox services.

Update: The Dragon King has a wife who helped recruit followers who would get naked for the cult leader, Apple Daily reported. She even has two children with the false deity. During police interrogations, he insisted that he has supernatural powers and denied any wrongdoing.

Source: UDN

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