Dozens of Pokémon Go Players Fined in First 2 Days

pokemon go

While millions downloaded the Pokémon Go app that was officially released in Taiwan on Friday, there have already been problems around the island. Over the weekend, 215 people were cited by police for various violations, mostly driving while using a mobile device, Apple Daily reported.

Update: The total number of traffic violations related to Pokémon Go has reach 861, according to UDN.

In the interest of safety, the police have been monitoring drivers who may be violating traffic laws by using mobile devices while operating vehicles. The police said that they will continue to watch for drivers using mobile devices to play games while driving. Violators are subject to NT$1,000 fines. There have been instances of drunk drivers being caught when stopping along the roadside to play the game.

Police have also cited residents for biking while using mobile devices to play the game.

A bus driver was reportedly reprimanded by passengers while playing Pokémon while driving his route. Another player on a motorbike in Yonghe caused an accident, fracturing his leg.

The National Palace Museum has also banned players from using the game at the museum.

Executive Yuan Premier Lin Chuan (林全) took to Facebook to remind residents to abide by the laws and be aware of safety when playing Pokémon Go.

Worldwide, the app has been blamed for numerous accidents. It has also been used to lure victims of robbery. Russia’s largest bank, SbérBank, has even begun selling Pokémon Go accident insurance.

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