Domestic Measles Case Confirmed in Taipei

Photo by NIAID via Wikimedia Commons

Measles has made a comeback, thanks in part to the anti-vaccine crowd that has spread misinformation about perceived dangers of necessary vaccinations. On Thursday, May 9, the Taipei Department of Health confirmed a new domestic measles case, Apple Daily reported.

A 35-year-old woman became infected with measles between April 29 and May 2 and was diagnosed yesterday. The Department of Health noted that the woman visited high-traffic areas around the city during that time, exposing the public to the disease. During that time, she visited Breeze in Xinyi District as well as Shida Night Market and Gongguan Night Market. Authorities have identified 38 people who have been in contact with the woman.

The Department of Health said that the woman’s visits to department stores would be more likely to spread the disease than at the night markets as enclosed areas would more easily spread measles. Ou Chia-ling (歐佳齡), a division chief at the Taipei Department of Health, said that anyone who may have been in the same areas as the woman during those days should take precautions and check for rashes and other symptoms over the next 18 days. If residents develop symptoms, they are encouraged to contact medical staff immediately.

Ou Chia-ling added that the woman’s vaccination history is unknown at this time and she had no history of overseas travel. There is no way to know how many people came in contact with the woman, but the Department of Health is checking on all department store staff.

There have been 13 cases of measles in Taiwan as of May 9, with three of the cases contracted abroad. Last year, 39 measles cases were reported in Taiwan, 11 of which were contracted abroad.

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