Year’s First Domestic Dengue Fever Case Reported in Kaohsiung

dengue fever mosquito
Aedes aegypti. Photo by James Gathany, via Wikimedia Commons

The first local dengue fever case in Taiwan for 2016 was confirmed today in Kaohsiung; however, the hospital suspected dengue fever on May 10, at which time the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was notified.

A 27-year-old woman has had symptoms since May 5 and returned to the hospital for follow-up appointments; she is currently in quarantine undergoing treatment, according to a CDC press release. Her symptoms included headache, eye pain, muscle soreness, and fever.

While this is the first domestically-contracted case of dengue fever in Taiwan, there have been 79 cases of the disease from people who traveled abroad. Last year there were 380 domestic cases and 363 foreign-contracted cases.

The CDC reports that dengue fever cases in Southeast Asia are on the rise this year, with seven deaths reported in Vietnam.

The Kaohsiung Department of Health is initiating prevention activities in the city, but has not determined the area where the woman was bitten by the infected mosquito.

The CDC urges people to eliminate standing water that could become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It also encouraged residents to use mosquito repellent when engaged in outdoor activities.

If you have symptoms that may be consistent with dengue fever, particularly if the symptoms occur 15 days after traveling to affected areas, call the Epidemic Prevention Hotline at 1922 (0800-001922).


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