Tamsui District Restaurants

Dining in Tamsui District 淡水區

At the northern end of the Red Line on the MRT is the seaside district of Tamsui. It is served by Tamsui, Hongshulin, and Zhuwei MRT stations, though Guandu station is just over the border in Beitou District. The final station is a popular tourist attraction for Tamsui Old Street, which offers plenty of inexpensive street food as well as some Dutch colonial buildings along the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. Just outside Tamsui station is a popular area for tourists to watch the sunset–there are a few restaurants here to enjoy a meal at the end of the day as well. As most restaurants along the waterfront cater to tourists, the quality of many may not be good for the price.

Tamsui Station (Red Line)

  • Amanda Cafe – No. 264, Zhongzheng Rd.; (02)2626-1388 (map)
  • Jin Taiyang 金太陽餐廳 (seafood) – No. 57, Zhongzheng Rd.; 02 2622 2057 (map)
  • La Villa Danshui – No. 261, Zhongzheng Rd.; (02)2626-8111 (map)
  • 佘家孔雀蛤大王 (seafood) – No. 55, Zhongzheng Rd.; 02 8631 0526 (map)

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