Beitou District Restaurants

Dining Options in Beitou District

Beitou is the northernmost district in Taipei. It is known as a tourist destination for the hot springs at Xinbeitou Station MRT. There are parks and museums in the area as well, including Yangmingshan National Park and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts. The district is served by Metro Line 2.

Guandu Station MRT (Red Line)

  • Tapas House – No. 92, Zhixing Rd.; (02)2858-8668; English menu; NT$190-290 (tapas), NT$350-680 (main course) (map)

Qiyan Station MRT (Red Line)

  •  FieryCafe 火熱咖啡 – No. 42, Section 1, Chongren Rd.; (02)2898-6723 (map) (website)

Shipai Station MRT (Red Line)

  • 加賀町 KaGaCha (Japanese hot pot) – No. 530, Section 1, Donghua St.; (02)2822-8285; No English menu (map)

Xinbeitou Station MRT (Red Line extension)

  • Emily Restaurant (pasta, fusion) – 2F, No. 218-5, Guangming Rd; (02)2897-8068; English menu (map) (website)

Zhongyi Station MRT (Red Line)

  • Blue Bird Restaurant 鳥玩意兒異國風味料理 (pizza, pasta) – No. 358, Section 4, Zhongyang North Rd.; (02)2891-7029; NT$98-170 (map)

Not Near an MRT Station

  • Stone House (常青廬) – No. 63 Zhuzihu Rd.; (02)2861-2453; English menu, cash only (map)  (website)

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